Bank Linth now uses NIMBUS GV for Annual General Meeting

Hansjörg Stucki gründete die Nimbus AG vor 30 Jahren. Im persönlichen Gespräch lässt der erfolgreiche Unternehmer die Geschichte der Nimbus Revue passieren und gibt einen Ausblick auf die Zukunft des Technologieunternehmens.
What St. Galler Kantonalbank says about Nimbus
17. May 2021
Hansjörg Stucki founded Nimbus AG 30 years ago. In a personal interview, the successful entrepreneur looks back on Nimbus’ history and gives us an outlook on the future of his technology company.
An interview with Hansjörg Stucki, founder, entrepreneur and visionary
10. June 2021
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Bank Linth now uses NIMBUS GV for Annual General Meeting

Bank Linth is now holding its Annual General Meeting using NIMBUS GV

Share register management and AGM organization from a single source

The NIMBUS Solutions Suite with NIMBUS AR and NIMBUS GV is an all-round easy-happiness package

With 19 branch offices, Bank Linth is the largest regional bank in Eastern Switzerland. The financial institute’s values – integrity, respect, excellence, and pioneering drive – coincide with those of Nimbus AG. This is one of the reasons why the companies’ partnership has been working so well for many years. Bank Linth manages its share register using NIMBUS AR and has chosen to deploy the solutions and services package NIMBUS GV in 2017.

2017: Bank Linth in search of new partners for its General Assemblies

Bank Linth had been a satisfied NIMBUS AR user – the share register management solution – for many years. In 2017, it was looking for a new partner to help simplify the planning and organizing processes for its Annual General Meeting. Nimbus had all the services related to share register and General Assembly management on offer from a single source. The company from Glarus therefore submitted an attractive package quote – the NIMBUS Solutions Suite with NIMBUS AR and NIMBUS GV – and won the bid.

Nimbus demonstrates its skills – for both physical and virtual AGMs

Before the General Assembly is held, Bank Linth usually outsources handling of its share register to its AGM partner. The company is responsible for the invitation logistics, for registering the votes cast in advance of the meeting and those handed over to independent proxies, and for organizing shareholders’ access and attendance registration at the meeting itself. Converging within the single software suite that includes NIMBUS AR and NIMBUS GV, all the processes are now end-to-end. This has enabled Bank Linth to eliminate several interfaces.

Bank Linth’s Sponsoring & Events Manager Dieter Benz praises their cooperation: “At Nimbus, they have experts at work, thinking ahead and contributing their experience. Our cooperation is very straightforward, and the Nimbus staff’s commitment is remarkable.”

172th Annual General Meeting: without an audience, but with sausage home deliveries

Due to the 2020 lockdown, Bank Linth was compelled to reorganize its Annual General Meeting at short notice. The invitation mailing was stopped, and voting was offered by post or electronically using NIMBUS ShApp. Everything needed to be implemented rapidly. Flexibility was a must, as well as having a reliable software solution, for ensuring physical or electronic voting is a legal requirement during General Assemblies. It was clearly a case for the Nimbus team, who perfectly met the challenge in close cooperation with Bank Linth.

Regrettably, the 2021 AGM also had to take place without attendees. Shareholders were again asked to vote online or postally. And that’s precisely what they did: voter participation increased by almost 50% compared to the previous year. As a special highlight, participants were able to order the traditional veal sausage menu from Glarus to their homes this year. Around 3000 shareholders from a total of 10.400 availed themselves of this offer. Dieter Benz stresses that the 172th edition of the Annual General Meeting was a great success: “A friendly video message conveyed by Urs Müller, Chairman of the Board, a high voter turnout, the traditional AGM atmosphere with the veal sausage specialty to enjoy at home… what more could anyone want? It goes without saying that the services and systems provided by Nimbus were as brilliant as usual.”

Worth knowing

NIMBUS GV: efficient handling of Annual General Meetings NIMBUS Direct Voting: all you need for your hybrid General Assembly NIMBUS VotingSystem: electronic voting units NIMBUS ShApp: remote electronic voting platform

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“The weeks before the AGM are always an intensive time. Therefore, a smooth cooperation between all the involved partners is all the more important. The Nimbus team’s flexibility and positive attitude are most convincing: whatever happens, Nimbus will find a solution. The way the solution suite’s components interact is also very impressive. We have gained speed and efficiency since we are handling share register management, AGM organization and remote voting via only one software system. We really feel we are in good hands. All these are valid reasons for me to recommend Nimbus AG to others.”

Dieter Benz

Sponsoring & Events Manager, Bank Linth