What Bank Linth say about Nimbus

Hansjörg Stucki founded Nimbus AG 30 years ago. In a personal interview, the successful entrepreneur looks back on Nimbus’ history and gives us an outlook on the future of his technology company.
An interview with Hansjörg Stucki, founder, entrepreneur and visionary
10. June 2021
In order to guarantee the greatest possible security for NIMBUS applications, Nimbus AG has an expert carry out regular security audits. Acting as a white-hat hacker, Compass Security AG tests all the areas of the NIMBUS Solutions Suite, uncovers vulnerabilities and provides recommendations on how to fix them. Naturally, Nimbus AG then executes these promptly.
Penetration testing protects NIMBUS Solutions Suite
5. July 2021

“The weeks before the AGM are always an intensive time. Therefore, a smooth cooperation between all the involved partners is all the more important. The Nimbus team’s flexibility and positive attitude are most convincing: whatever happens, Nimbus will find a solution. The way the solution suite’s components interact is also very impressive. We have gained speed and efficiency since we are handling share register management, AGM organization and remote voting via only one software system. We really feel we are in good hands. All these are valid reasons for me to recommend Nimbus AG to others.”

Dieter Benz, Sponsoring & Events Manager, Bank Linth