What Raiffeisen says about Nimbus

What Jungfraubahnen says about Nimbus
4. March 2021
The revised Swiss company law will allow shareholders to attend a digital Annual General Meeting and also to vote digitally in real time. Swiss Shareholder Solutions & Services provider Nimbus enhances its Solutions Suite by adding Nimbus Direct Voting.
Hybrid Annual General Meetings with Direct Voting in Switzerland
16. March 2021

“Right from the start on our first project, our Annual General Meeting partner demonstrated what customer orientation, precision and commitment look like. This collaboration simply feels good – to our Board of Directors, our Legal Consultant, and of course to me as a Project Manager. I appreciate their personal and proactive support. This is why I am very happy to be able to recommend the Nimbus team, as well as the remote voting platform ShApp, to all of our Raiffeisen banks.”

Simon Adler, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Schweiz