Hans-Peter Süess, Nimbus AG’s CEO since 2019

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25. August 2021
Secure processes, methods, systems and data are among the most important elements of share register management. That's why Nimbus is investing in state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure and know-how from Topix AG and running its systems in the prestigious Swiss data centre.
Share register management with Nimbus means data security of the very highest standard
27. October 2021

Nimbus AG has had a new CEO since 2019: who is Hans-Peter Süess and what are his goals?

A personal interview with Hans-Peter Süess

Hansjörg Stucki founded Nimbus AG 30 years ago. His company focuses on the development of software and services for share register companies and annual general meetings. It provides Shareholder Solutions & Services ‟made in Ziegelbrückeˮ. Now Nimbus AG is implementing a change of generations both in terms of technology and in its business organization. In 2019, Hansjörg Stucki passed the operational business on to Hans-Peter Süess. However, his experience and expertise are available to the Management team at all times.

Hans-Peter Süess, you originally come from the Glarnerland. You have been working in the international software business for many years and have now returned “home”. Can you please give us a short overview of your CV?
“I started my career as a computer scientist, i. e. as an IT manager responsible for server systems and the network with Netstal Maschinen AG. In 1999, I joined the Nimbus software development team and was appointed head of ICT in 2000. Ten years later, I joined the international SMA Technologies Group that is headquartered in Houston. As a Managing Director for SMA Europe AG, I was responsible for the entire European customer base, from Sweden to Greece. It was a fascinating and intense job; I learned and travelled a lot during that time.

As life goes, I met Hansjörg Stucki again at the end of 2018 and we both realized very soon that we wanted to join forces again.“

You consider yourself a change maker. What do you mean by that?
“I do not see myself as the next Hansjörg Stucki. My goal is to rejuvenate the firm. Within five years, I want to become unnecessary and thus ensure that Nimbus will continue to progress and be among the leading Swiss service and technology providers also in future.”

Your customers, however, appreciate Nimbus’ continuity?
“That’s precisely what I want to safeguard. We have jointly set up a management team. The Nimbus Leading Board includes our CTO Daniel Stucki, our COO Hanspeter Knill, our Head of Service Team Emil Aschwanden and myself. Of course, Hansjörg Stucki is always there to assist us with his vast experience. We want to enable a new generation to go on developing our solutions and services in a consistent way. This is how we will stay a state-of-the-art technology provider and ensure we can meet the changing market requirements and the requests of our clients quickly. As the owner and Delegate of the Board of Directors, Hansjörg Stucki will continue to guarantee that the business has a solid backbone.”

Is it possible for a Swiss software business to play in the top technological league?
“Absolutely! We have just recently proven our foresightedness, our talent and our agility. We were among the first companies to launch a ready-made solution to enable hybrid general assemblies on the market. Although legislation is not quite there yet, NIMBUS Direct Voting allows all kinds of meetings to be carried out on various sites, including remote voting beforehand and direct voting in real time. The solution is based on standardized technology and meets all the security criteria applicable today.”

What difference is there between Nimbus and a large international provider?
“For me, two main features make a big difference: we are agile and flexible so as to react quickly to any kind of challenge. We also have the will and the skills to be our clients’ best partner and to fulfill almost all of their needs. Also, all our solutions – hardware and software – are developed inhouse. This means we have all the processes in our own hands from A to Z, and the data are all stored securely in Switzerland. Every year, we have an external auditing body execute several IT security and penetration tests to certify this. Our staff and our customers who have been with Nimbus for many years confirm that we are on the right track. You are welcome to read our customers’ statements on our website.”

You want to provide your services to a larger customer base in the event industry.
“Yes, because we are predestined to support events ranging from 25 to 5000 attendees: with their invitation procedure, with admission control and with any kind of voting. The fact that our solutions can handle any combination of live and virtual event is a key advantage.”

Who is the man Hans-Peter Süess?
“I feel spurred on by the IT industry’s speed. I like to be challenged, and I like people, which is why I am successful in challenging and encouraging them. So, Nimbus is precisely the right place for me: we are inquisitive, we see change as an opportunity to innovate, and we are service providers from our heart and soul. But I have also come to appreciate the leisure to spend time in the nature of the Glarnerland. I live in the countryside near Ziegelbrücke with my family and enjoy every moment in this beautiful place.”

Thanks a lot, Mr Süess, for these insights into a Swiss software engineering firm and into the person behind the CEO.