Nimbus supports Annual General Meeting Raiffeisen Schweiz

The revised Swiss company law will allow shareholders to attend a digital Annual General Meeting and also to vote digitally in real time. Swiss Shareholder Solutions & Services provider Nimbus enhances its Solutions Suite by adding Nimbus Direct Voting.
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16. March 2021
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17. May 2021
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Nimbus supports Annual General Meeting Raiffeisen Schweiz

Nimbus betreut Generalversammlung-von Raiffeisen-Schweiz

Scoring with flexibility and customer centricity

Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft, the third largest Swiss banking group, unites 226 Raiffeisen banks that are legally independent and organized as cooperatives. All of them are represented and attend the Raiffeisen Annual General Meeting. In 2020, voting should have taken place using Nimbus AG’s electronic voting units. However, Covid-19 called for a change of plan at very short notice and required the use of ShApp, the remote electronic voting platform provided by Nimbus AG.

Electronic voting units with a customized user interface

For carrying out its Annual General Meeting, Raiffeisen Schweiz Raiffeisen Schweiz assessed a new service provider and the electronic voting devices. While the Nimbus VotingSystem VS made a very good first impression at the presentation, the design of its user interface differed significantly from the bank’s previous system.

This was no problem for the Nimbus people with their expertise in managing General Meetings. At their second presentation, Nimbus was already able to present Raiffeisen Schweiz with a prototype reflecting the look and feel of the former solution. Such a high degree of flexibility proved convincing, as Simon Adler, Annual General Meeting Project Manager, confirmed: “This combination of customer orientation, precision and speed is impressive.”

A secure remote electronic voting platform in corporate design

These strengths shown by Nimbus were again called on when Management had to decide for the Annual General Meeting to be carried out without the physical presence of the participants – by organizing a virtual information event, followed by voting with Nimbus ShApp. The remote electronic voting platform was aligned to Raiffeisen’s requirements just as quickly as the electronic voting system NIMBUS VS had been. The participants with voting rights representing the Raiffeisen banks were sent their personal ShApp login that enabled them to convey their will using the platform. Nimbus collected the votes, evaluated them and sent the results to Raiffeisen Schweiz. This ensured that all legal principles were adhered to – a mandatory requirement for Raiffeisen’s reputation, as well as with regard to the contestability of the results.

Simon Adler emphasizes how the – still recent – partnership between Raiffeisen and Nimbus worked at the first go: “The first Annual General Meeting we organized together went absolutely smoothly. The Nimbus team works with extraordinary commitment and reliability. Everything was implemented flawlessly. I am happy to recommend this cooperation, as well as the remote electronic voting platform ShApp.”

The General Meeting 2021 will again take place without physical attendance. That’s a pity, because the electronic voting units will probably be used only next year… maybe together with NIMBUS Direct Voting, the secure digital real-time voting solution.

Nimbus now also supports the Raiffeisen banks with the organization of their cooperative member meetings.

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“Right from the start on our first project, our Annual General Meeting partner demonstrated what customer orientation, precision and commitment look like. This collaboration simply feels good – to our Board of Directors, our Legal Consultant, and of course to me as a Project Manager. I appreciate their personal and proactive support. This is why I am very happy to be able to recommend the Nimbus team, as well as the remote voting platform ShApp, to all of our Raiffeisen banks.”

Simon Adler

Project Manager, Raiffeisen Schweiz