Penetration testing protects NIMBUS Solutions Suite

What Bank Linth say about Nimbus
30. June 2021
What Compass Security Schweiz AG says about Nimbus
22. July 2021
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Penetration testing protects NIMBUS Solutions Suite

Top security for NIMBUS applications through penetration testing

Greatest possible security through yearly penetration testing

Making the NIMBUS Solutions Suite as secure as possible: IT security audit with penetration testing, done by Compass Security

There is no such thing as total and complete IT security. However, you can put as many obstacles in the attackers’ way as possible. Nimbus AG does this by commissioning Compass Security AG to carry out an IT security audit, including penetration testing, at least once a year. The solutions and service provider thus ensures that the NIMBUS Solutions Suite applications are protected in the best possible way.

To take IT security seriously means to undergo tests by an independent expert

Compass Security Schweiz AG experts have been advising companies on IT security for 22 years. Taking on the role of white-hat hackers, they uncover attack vectors in businesses’ IT environments. They test devices, networks, services and applications, identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to rectify them. Security experts also carry out security awareness trainings for the companies’ staff.

For Nimbus AG, security is key and yearly IT security audits are a must

Nimbus AG has been relying on Compass Security for many years. Hans-Peter Süess says: “Since we want to be sure about this, we ask independent experts to perform periodical security audits and penetration testing.

Having the greatest possible protection for all the subsystems of the NIMBUS Solutions Suite is crucial for Nimbus AG. Approximately 100 businesses, including important SMI companies, rely on the Nimbus services and systems for managing their share register and for planning and executing their Annual General Meeting. The solutions provider therefore asks external security specialists to test the systems regularly and is currently also working to achieve ISO 27001 certification. The internal audit is due in September 2021, the external audit is planned for October.

Highly protected NIMBUS applications thanks to penetration testing

Nimbus takes security very seriously, explains Daniel Schenker, Regional Manager East at Compass Security Schweiz AG: “Continuous enhancements to the NIMBUS Solutions Suite also widen the range of potential attack vectors. Nimbus keeps abreast in terms of security by having us carry out regular penetration tests to identify and correct new weaknesses early on. I think it is a quality indicator for a company to undergo our IT security audits and penetration testing. Nimbus AG does an exemplary job, fixes weaknesses immediately and always asks us to check whether the rectifications have been done correctly.

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“We have been conducting IT security audits and penetration tests for businesses that operate in sensitive areas for 22 years now. We also work for Nimbus and, acting as a white-hat hacker, put all the elements of the NIMBUS Solutions Suite to the test, uncovering any vulnerabilities and providing recommendations on how to fix them. For me, having periodical IT security tests carried out is a sign of quality for a business. Even though there is no such thing as achieving absolute security in information technology, you can still put as many obstacles in the attackers’ way as possible. Nimbus AG does this in an exemplary way!”

Daniel Schenker

Regional Manager East, Compass Security Schweiz AG