Share register management with Nimbus means data security of the very highest standard

Nimbus AG is implementing a generational change both technologically and in terms of business organization. Hans-Peter Süess has been the Shareholder Solutions & Services provider’s CEO in Ziegelbrücke since 2019, while Hansjörg Stucki stays on as its owner and as the Delegate of the Board of Directors.
Hans-Peter Süess, Nimbus AG’s CEO since 2019
29. September 2021
Hansjörg Stucki, Nimbus AG’s founder and owner, has extended its ownership by having CTO Daniel Stucki, as well as his three daughters, take a holding in the company, thus ensuring internal stability and continuity for his technology business.
A generational change at Nimbus AG
23. November 2021
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Share register management with Nimbus means data security of the very highest standard

Swiss data centre ensures data security in share register management

In share register management, data security is the number one priority

"The best for our customers" – and the state-of-the-art technology of the data centre reflects this credo

The reliability of processes and systems, the security of data and, above all, trust in people are among the most important factors to consider when selecting a partner to manage your share register. That's why, when it comes to data centre infrastructure, Nimbus has for years been putting its trust in advice from the specialists at Topix AG. The systems are run at two redundantly configured locations in a prestigious, high-security Swiss data centre. Nimbus also maintains infrastructure in Ziegelbrücke for emergency situations.

"Nimbus procures the very best components when it comes to data centre technology. Whether servers, storage, backup, networks, malware or virus protection, Nimbus invests regularly in leading technology to ensure it is always up to date. This reflects the attitude of Nimbus – a company you can shake hands with, a company that keeps its promises." That's what Dieter Herzmann, senior manager at Topix AG, says. He emphasizes that the values and attitudes of Nimbus and Topix coincide, which explains the successful collaboration between the two technology firms.

Trust is the foundation of any good business relationship

If you ask customers what is so special about Nimbus, they will emphasize one characteristic in particular: absolute reliability. You can rely on Nimbus – on the people in the company, on the NIMBUS solutions suite and on the systems being highly available and the data securely protected. Customers trust Nimbus.

To ensure it is always worthy of this trust, Nimbus chooses its partners with care. In Topix, it has found a team of specialists that embodies the same values. Together, the two companies ensure that systems and data of Nimbus customers have the very best protection and availability. As to why the collaboration has been bearing fruit for more than 15 years, Dieter Herzmann puts this down to their identical attitude: "The alpha and omega of any collaboration are the people. That we at Topix have to master our field must be a matter of course, that's the foundation. We also enjoy achieving extraordinary things for our customers – just like Nimbus does. That's why we fit so well together."

Being innovative and identifying opportunities

IT technology is developing at an ever more rapid pace. To stay on the ball, Nimbus relies on the specialists of Topix, who have been actively involved in the IT market for more than 30 years. The team has a deep and comprehensive knowledge base covering the broad field of data centre infrastructure, they listen and they understand what Nimbus wants to do for its customers. Based on this shared basic understanding, Nimbus and Topix are in continuous communication with each other and are constantly refining the infrastructure – so they can always guarantee Nimbus customers the best solution for running the NIMBUS solutions suite.

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"Nimbus enjoys being innovative and is open to new ideas – with the aim of offering its customers the very finest shareholder solutions & services. Together we sound out new technologies, which is why we stay so well-informed. When an innovation makes sense, Nimbus responds swiftly. After all, the overriding goal is to constantly exceed customer expectations over the long term."

Dieter Herzmann

Senior Manager at Topix AG