Make demands on your shareholder solutions partner

Swiss shareholder services by NIMBUS AG
21. January 2021
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4. March 2021
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Make demands on your shareholder solutions partner

The color of the year is selected annually by the Pantone Color Institute. The Nimbus corporate colors were chosen for the year 2021. That’s a perfect match! Nimbus represents the same values: visionary, ever-evolving, bubbling with ideas, solidly grounded, technically proficient, experienced and trustworthy.

Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Grey symbolize the values of Nimbus, your special shareholder solutions partner

What qualities must the perfect shareholder solutions partner have? Technology that works and services that deliver on their promise! This is what you expect. In the sensitive environment of share register administration and Annual General Meeting organization, we think that there are additional, even more decisive factors. Values that Nimbus has been living for 30 years – and that are precisely the ones selected by the Pantone Color Institute™ this year as being important qualities today.

What does the international Pantone color system have in common with Swiss shareholder solutions partner Nimbus?
Color experts of the Pantone Color Institute™ have been choosing a color of the year for the last 20 years. Their selection is based on the analysis of worldwide trends, color influences, lifestyles, as well as the socio-economic context. For 2021, they chose two colors: Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Grey. They convey the message of strength and hopefulness – just like the corporate colors of Nimbus, your Shareholder Solutions & Services Partner.

Intuition and innovation in union with wisdom and experience g
Illuminating (yellow) is bubbling with life, a fully awake mind and creative drive. Ultimate Grey stands for reliability and rock solid practicality. These two independent colors complement each other and illustrate the way strength is born from a successful combination of different facets.

It cannot be a coincidence that Nimbus AG chose these colors for its corporate identity. Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Grey perfectly reflect the company’s qualities: visionary, ever-evolving, bubbling with ideas – and at the same time solidly grounded, technically proficient, experienced and trustworthy. Does this sound like a worthy shareholder solutions partner?

Driving new concepts
The Pantone Color Institute™ explains that the combined properties of these two colors press us forward toward new ways of thinking. This is precisely what Nimbus focuses on: being THE shareholder solutions partner that delivers outstanding performances to support customers on their path to success.

Thank you, Pantone Color Institute™. With your choice, you have presented us with the most perfect gift for our company’s 30th anniversary!