Swiss shareholder services by NIMBUS AG

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14. January 2021
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15. February 2021
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Swiss shareholder services by NIMBUS AG

Emil Aschwanden, Leiter Aktienregister-Services, NIMBUS AG, Shareholder Solutions & Services

Choose your partner for the administration of your share register carefully

Businesses deciding to outsource their share register’s administration and/or the organization of their Annual General Meeting entrust an external entity with very sensitive data. Therefore, a company offering shareholder services must be a trustworthy partner. Head of Service Team Emil Aschwanden explains what this implies for NIMBUS AG.

Emil, what exactly does the NIMBUS Service Team do?
“We are in charge of outsourced mandates, i. e. we act as the direct contact for the company and their shareholders – in every case. We provide Shareholder Services from A to Z: we administer the share register and organize Annual General Meetings, which also includes visualizing the voting results. Or we attend our clients during their process towards their IPO… NIMBUS is your one-stop shop for all shareholder services!”

NIMBUS shareholder services are top-class: that’s your credo, isn’t it?
“Exactly. We are service providers and it’s of utmost importance that our clients feel well taken care of. We take every request very seriously and process each and every enquiry quickly and smoothly. I think being suited for this kind of work is a matter of character. My team likes people, is helpful and cooperative. Our customers and their shareholders can feel that. This is why we receive a lot of positive feed-back.”

At NIMBUS, personal contact means Hauenstein, Keller, Dubacher or Weibel?
“Precisely. If a company entrusts us with a mandate to manage their share register, one of our consultants will take care of it exclusively. The client’s contact and the NIMBUS employee know each other and the relevant history. This makes it all much easier. Shareholder services are a matter of trust. Of course, a substitute consultant is defined for every mandate.”

A direct telephone number that is answered after the 3rd ring at the latest: an ambitious goal.
“But that’s the way it is! Every client is given a direct phone number and a specific email address. This is how we make sure that every request is forwarded to the right consultant at the first go. NO ticketing system, no further connections, no putting on hold.”

The same time zone, the same language, and 30 years’ experience: this sounds like an all-in happiness package?
“That is our ambition. We are committed to making life easier for our customers. Moreover, we act as the client’s front when in contact with their shareholders. On the phone, we greet the shareholder by saying ‘Jungfraubahnen, shareholder register, how can I help you?’. It is therefore very important for us to do our work cooperatively, competently and with a lot of commitment!”

Emil, thank you for giving us a look behind the scenes of NIMBUS AG’s Shareholder Services!