What CKW says about Nimbus

CKW: a successful start of the 2023 AGM season
14. March 2023
Wenn Aktionäre digital mit einer Gesellschaft kommunizieren – beispielsweise ihre Vollmacht dem unabhängigen Stimmrechtsvertreter übertragen – müssen sie dies online tun können. Am einfachsten mit der modernen NIMBUS ShApp Plattform, deren Oberfläche hier gezeigt wird.
Digitizing communications between companies and stakeholders with NIMBUS ShApp
24. March 2023

“Nimbus has a huge wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge to offer, also in terms of any legal aspects of an AGM. I can ask for their advice at any time and they will provide me with straightforward, quick and very friendly support. I trust Nimbus wholly and have realized, thanks to their specialists’ high commitment, that they fully share my goal to implement everything perfectly and to make sure that the Board of Directors, Executive Management and shareholders are completely satisfied.”

Yvonne Bieri, Sponsoring and Events Specialist, CKW AG