Our success has many faces

The Nimbus team is organised into three divisions: software development, information and communication technology and customer service. The Solution Team develops the software packages and continually adapts them to demands of the market. The ICT takes care of data security and the maintenance of our data centres. Finally, the Service Team operates the Nimbus product line for you, when outsourcing, or serves as your contact partner for questions arising from your own use of our products.

This attitude makes Nimbus a unique and reliable partner with leading products.

Jürg Feldmann

Service Team Manager

Andrea Hauenstein

Client Advisor

Tabea Keller

Client Advisor

Susanne Dubacher

Client Advisor

Daniela Weibel

Client Advisor

Sabrina Müggler

Client Advisor

Visionary – from the very beginning

Nimbus AG: a competent and flexible partner – since 1991.

Understanding, innovation and vision are decisive, when it comes to the information flow between businesses and shareholders. This is true of both technical and legal requirements. Only those who act with foresight can competently and reliably fulfil their clients’ needs.

This is an attitude that shapes the lofty aspirations of our company and of every individual employee. Whether in share register management, the preparation and holding of the Annual General Meeting or remote electronic voting: every individual service has as a goal to guarantee investment security and to promote trust.

This unconditional striving for exceptional competence and strong loyalty makes us one of the leading providers of shareholder solutions and services, as well as a reliable partner for our clients – for over 30 years now.

Hansjörg Stucki founds the company Nimbus AG in Glarus (drawing on his experience in share registry management since 1982)

Electronic interface with SECOM (the securities settlement system of SIX SIS AG)

First deployment of Nimbus GV (Annual General Meeting Service)

Nimbus AR is established as business process outsourcing

First deployment of the Nimbus VotingSystem (VS) at Roche

Introduction of Nimbus New Generation (AR and GV); Use over the Internet as an application service

3rd generation VS (with coloured AMOLED light display)

Launch of Nimbus ShApp for remote electronic voting

Introduction of the 4th generation VS with touchscreen

VS with the capacity for group voting

VS with the capacity for electoral lists

Current job offers

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