What customers, partners and suppliers say about Nimbus

Our ambition is to make life easy for our customers. This is our unconditional claim – we give our all for it. We asked some of them if we are successful.

There is only one boss. The customer.

Sam Walton, Gründer von Walmart

“Nimbus has a huge wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge to offer, also in terms of any legal aspects of an AGM. I can ask for their advice at any time and they will provide me with straightforward, quick and very friendly support. I trust Nimbus wholly and have realized, thanks to their specialists’ high commitment, that they fully share my goal to implement everything perfectly and to make sure that the Board of Directors, Executive Management and shareholders are completely satisfied.”

Yvonne Bieri, Sponsoring and Events Specialist, CKW AG

“Using the Nimbus voting systems has fully paid off, which is also due to the fact that the internal savings potential is huge. Voting by hand is somewhat outdated, especially for complex voting proposals. Counting takes too long and modern voting must be able to ensure opinions can be expressed without the need for justification. For us, this experience marks the first step towards e-voting. In future, we hope to inspire more voters to make use of their democratic privilege. For me, however, this will clearly have to be with Nimbus!”

Daniel Naef, Head of Administration, daniel.naef@bonaduz.ch

“I can unconditionally recommend Nimbus to others! Yes, the system has its price, but it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in our democracy. Since municipal meetings are a high priority with us, we want to cooperate with the best providers. Thanks to Nimbus, we were able to carry out a perfectly orchestrated municipal meeting from A to Z. On top of that, we received extremely positive reactions from our voters.”

Toni von Grünigen, President, municipality of Saanen

“Following our changeover from bearer shares to registered shares, we sought professional support for managing our share register. Upon recommendation, we also asked Nimbus AG for their offer, which was very fortunate: we found the partner that suits us best. Nimbus manages our share register and acts on behalf of ZSG vis-à-vis our shareholders. Having the same personal contact provide us with the most obliging, comprehensive service and customer care every time is very much appreciated.”

Helen Beckers, Head of Sales & Administration, ZSG Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft

“In the course of our conversion from bearer shares to registered shares, we decided to outsource our share register management to an expert and evaluated several potential providers. Right from the first contact, the Nimbus people proved thoroughly convincing: with their professionalism, responsiveness and personal presence. We feel that our shareholders and we take center stage with Nimbus, and we value their service quality and staff’s commitment very highly.”

Dominik Keller, Managing Director, Thermalbad Zurzach AG

«Georg Fischer AG uses the share register administration software Nimbus AR to make sure the share register is managed correctly and the evaluations are well-founded. During our AM phase, Nimbus acts as a reliable partner, from invitation processing to electronic voting. Our consultant takes our requests seriously, provides immediate support and ensures a competent technical exchange. Whether for administering our share register or supporting our Annual General Meeting: Nimbus AG is the strong partner we can rely on at any time!»

Sandra Dreier Etter, Share Register Specialist, Georg Fischer AG

«We have been working with the pioneer’s solutions since 1994. At that time, I was managing the share register of the Jungfraubahn Holding AG myself and had Nimbus to replace me during holidays if necessary. Today, Nimbus administers share registers in mandate for four companies within our Group. That’s a huge relief, for our partner works with utmost reliability and precision, and collaboration is easy-going and very pleasant. Actually, I don’t remember one single glitch at any time! Over the years, we have also received and examined offers from other providers, but a change has never been up for discussion.»

Marianne Jäger Buri, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Jungfraubahnen

«We are a demanding company with two share categories, three languages and approximately 18,000 invitations to dispatch for every AM. In 2020, COVID-19 came on top. Due to the ban on assemblies, imposed by the Federal Council at short notice, we had to stop dispatching the prepared invitations and to redefine the conditions for the imminent Annual General Meeting. Having discussed this eventuality very early on with Nimbus, we were able to organize a regular General Assembly involving no physical presence, but meeting all the deadlines and transferring votes to the independent proxies. This example proved once again how extraordinarily flexible, competent and helpful the Nimbus team is. We have been their client for more than 20 years and are very pleased to have a proficient partner by our side.»

Share register manager of a listed, internationally active Swiss company

«Right from the start on our first project, our Annual General Meeting partner demonstrated what customer orientation, precision and commitment look like. This collaboration simply feels good – to our Board of Directors, our Legal Consultant, and of course to me as a Project Manager. I appreciate their personal and proactive support. This is why I am very happy to be able to recommend the Nimbus team, as well as the remote voting platform ShApp, to all of our Raiffeisen banks.»

Simon Adler, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Schweiz

«In 2022, the St. Galler Kantonalbank will organize its 22nd ordinary General Assembly. We have been supported by Nimbus since 2001. Every time things work so well that I call it my ‘wellness project’. We also improve year on year, because Nimbus is continuously modernizing and evolving its software and services – and because instead of problems, there are only challenges to be met. More than being just our provider, Nimbus is our partner. That’s the crucial difference!»

Marco Neuhaus, General Assembly Project Manager, St. Galler Kantonalbank

«We have been conducting IT security audits and penetration tests for businesses that operate in sensitive areas for 22 years now. We also work for Nimbus and, acting as a white-hat hacker, put all the elements of the NIMBUS Solutions Suite to the test, uncovering any vulnerabilities and providing recommendations on how to fix them. For me, having periodical IT security tests carried out is a sign of quality for a business. Even though there is no such thing as achieving absolute security in information technology, you can still put as many obstacles in the attackers’ way as possible. Nimbus AG does this in an exemplary way!»

Daniel Schenker, Regional Manager East, Compass Security Schweiz AG