Administer your share register professionally


Share registers are compulsory for joint-stock companies with registered shares. They are the basis for all capital measures. NIMBUS AR makes it easy for you to professionally maintain your register.

Issuers have a choice: they can either entrust the share register to our specialists in Business Process Outsourcing or administer it themselves, via the Application Service Providing (ASP) model. We operate NIMBUS AR in our own data centres with our own hardware and software. In this way, we can guarantee the security of your data and access. The data exchange between the share register and SIX SIS AG is made possible for you by NIMBUS DX.

Fact Sheet NIMBUS AR

For years, we have trusted NIMBUS and the Solutions Suite with AR®, GV und ShApp. The products are reliable and we are very satisfied with the individualised service.

Nicole Durot, Share Register Administrator, Galenica AG

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Share register management with NIMBUS AR

«What the software does»

  • Recording shareholder data, master data and portfolio management
  • Management of share deposits (bank deposits, employee shares, home deposits, certificates)
  • Registration and deregistration of shares and voting rights
  • Transmitting and processing bank orders from SIX SIS (book-entry securities)
  • Coordination and processing of all types of capital transactions
  • Creating share register statements

«What we do for you»

  • Communication with company and bank: clarifications, notifications, information
  • Periodic reports in line with customer requirements
  • Quality testing and control
  • Personalised service via telephone and e-mail
  • Support and consulting for IPO
  • Support for conversion from bearer shares into registered shares

Solutions Suite

With Nimbus, the three component systems, the Application Service and the Business Process Outsourcing work harmoniously together.

Product Overview