VotingSystem NIMBUS VS

Voting at an Annual General Meeting must fulfil a series of requirements. Nimbus VS helps you to meet these conditions in accordance with the relevant laws and statutes, as well as to guarantee the secrecy of the ballot. The user-friendly interface makes the utilisation of the system as easy as it is secure.

Each participant receives a personalised VotingUnit at the entry control. After the votes have been entered via touchscreen, our software tallies up the results. In this way, all participants benefit from complete transparency at every moment.

Video clip on NIMBUS VS (German)

Basic Display

The display of each VotingUnit is customisable. You decide what information the display shows to the participant. In addition to the name of the event, each participant will see, for example, his name and voting power.

Simple Vote

For votes on individual agenda items, each participant has the choice between yes, no and abstention. If he chooses a particular option, he will receive a confirmation that his selection has been registered.

Group Vote

For elections, e.g. to the Board of Directors, several rounds of voting can be grouped together into a single vote. In the overview, the participants can check, correct and confirm their selection.

Electoral List

If more candidates are standing for election than there are seats available, you can create an electoral list. In this way, participants can be allowed to select, for example, a maximum of five candidates from a list of seven.

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Nimbus VS – for an AGM in accordance with law and statutes

  • Provision of VotingUnits, antennas and user software
  • Assembly and installation of infrastructure
  • Vote management using ICT infrastructure
  • Monitoring of the presence of participants on an ongoing basis
  • Training of the personnel staffing the entry gates and help desk
  • Visualisation of the results within seconds
  • Option to display personalised information on the VotingUnit
  • Transparency for participants
  • Creation of overviews, reports and statistics