Our management

Senior Management

NIMBUS has many heads. Every one of them contributes to the success of the entire company. A well-developed sense of responsibility and flexibility are always essential qualities for working with partners, clients or colleagues – on matters large and small.

Hans-Peter Süess

Managing Director

Hanspeter Knill

Production Manager

Emil Aschwanden

Service Team Manager

Daniel Stucki

Development Manager

Hansjörg Stucki

Owner and Delegate of the Board of Directors

Our values

Nimbus’ principles – we live them.

We practice tolerance and respect – towards everyone
We give our trust – for long-term partnerships
We listen – and exceed expectations
We promote dialogue – and constructive solutions
We continue to develop – professionally and personally

We foster curiosity – and are open to new things
We are ready to help – and to be helped
We share information – that is relevant, timely and comprehensive
We drive solutions – and facilitate future-oriented results
We recognise achievements – and celebrate our shared success

Our strategists

Board of Directors

Our company is rooted deep in the soil of Glarus – and in its traditions of innovation and entrepreneurship. This spirit is reflected in the fact that Glarus has the highest concentration of technology firms in Switzerland – and, together with vision and openness, it shapes our whole business.

Hansjörg Stucki

Owner and Delegate of the Board of Directors

Anita Stucki


Nicole Stucki


Dr. iur. Stefan Müller

Legal Advisor

Martin Zenhäusern

Communication Advisor