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NIMBUS Fact Sheet

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The software packages have been developed in-house by Nimbus. They are continuously adapted to the demands of the market. To achieve this, Nimbus takes into account user feedback, as well as new technological capacities.

NIMBUS Solutions Suite

How the NIMBUS Solutions Suite works
In the NIMBUS Solutions Suite, the three component systems NIMBUS AR, NIMBUS GV and NIMBUS ShApp work together harmoniously within an integrated system.

NIMBUS AR product overview

NIMBUS AR is a comprehensive standard application for the professional management of share registers. With NIMBUS DX – the electronic interface for data exchange between the share register and SIX SIS AG – the data in the share register can be automatically processed.

NIMBUS DX product overview

With NIMBUS DX, the data flow between the share register and SIX SIS is secured. Nimbus is a business partner of SIX SIS and is integrated as a clearinghouse via WebMAX Professional into the SECOM System with high security standards.

NIMBUS GV product overview

NIMBUS GV is a service package for the professional implementation of the Annual General Meeting of a joint-stock company in conformity with Swiss law. The AGM is the highest body in a joint-stock company. At the same time, it provides a platform for the Board of Directors and senior management to communicate with shareholders.

NIMBUS ShApp product overview

NIMBUS ShApp is a web-based platform for remote electronic voting, in accordance with the VegüV. Shareholders can register online for the Annual General Meeting or issue proxies and instructions to independent voting representatives.