First towns to use Nimbus voting devices

3316 shareholders attended the St. Galler Kantonalbank’s Annual General Meeting in 2020. It was the biggest live AGM of the year, and as usual, Nimbus AG was asked to ensure an impeccable process and a safe, efficient implementation of the event.
St. Galler Kantonalbank, 2022 Annual General Meeting
30. June 2022
What the municipality of Saanen says about Nimbus
18. August 2022
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First towns to use Nimbus voting devices

Nimbus’ electronic voting devices enable anonymous voting during municipal meetings

Nimbus’ electronic voting devices ensure easy and safe voting at municipal meetings

Applauded by Bonaduz and Saanen voters: the NIMBUS VotingSystem

Using electronic voting devices at shareholder meetings has become standard. Wanting their citizens to vote efficiently, precisely and anonymously, the first towns have now discovered the NIMBUS VotingSystem.

Electronic voting devices provided by Nimbus are ideal for municipal meetings

Voting can be complex during municipal meetings: unannounced agenda items, as well as several motions per agenda item often require a lot of flexibility. Nimbus has therefore scaled up its voting system – consisting of NIMBUS GV and NIMBUS VotingSystem – to meet the special requirements of towns and communes.

This year, the towns of Bonaduz and Saanen have used the Nimbus voting package for the first time. The people in charge of the meetings were very satisfied with the competent support offered by the provider’s experts. And they were also convinced by the ease of operation and reliable functioning of the NIMBUS VotingUnits.

Professional preparation, smooth implementation

Since the Nimbus team was perfectly prepared and up-to-date on the program of the individual municipal meeting, it had the voting infrastructure installed in little more than an hour. In addition to the wireless aerials, processing units are being set up to capture and evaluate the votes transmitted by the voting units, as well as to visualize and send the results to the event equipment for projection. Moreover, every device has its own back-up system installed to enable data replication within milliseconds. This ensures the meeting can be conducted smoothly in any case.

Vote anonymously and get results in a jiffy

At the entrance, all voters are handed out their voting unit, a small box that is lightweight and easy to handle. Its use is very simple: a short test run is usually enough and there are no more questions after that.

Whenever the agenda calls for a vote, voters can tap their touchscreen to select “yes”, “no”, “abstention” or to elect their candidate. After running a countdown, the Nimbus systems calculate the results within seconds and visualize them by projection as soon as they have been verified by the relevant legal adviser.

The advantage of electronic voting during municipal meetings is clear: the results are available immediately; all the votes cast are registered with utmost precision; and opinions are expressed anonymously.

Bonaduz and Saanen are thrilled with their first successful use of the electronic voting systems provided by Nimbus:

“Using the Nimbus voting systems has fully paid off, which is also due to the fact that the internal savings potential is huge. Voting by hand is somewhat outdated, especially for complex voting proposals. Counting takes too long and modern voting must be able to ensure opinions can be expressed without the need for justification. For us, this experience marks the first step towards e-voting. In future, we hope to inspire more voters to make use of their democratic privilege. For me, however, this will clearly have to be with Nimbus!”

Daniel Naef, Head of Administration,

“I can unconditionally recommend Nimbus to others! Yes, the system has its price, but it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in our democracy. Since municipal meetings are a high priority with us, we want to cooperate with the best providers. Thanks to Nimbus, we were able to carry out a perfectly orchestrated municipal meeting from A to Z. On top of that, we received extremely positive reactions from our voters.”

Toni von Grünigen, President, municipality of Saanen