An interview with Nimbus CTO Daniel Stucki

Wanted: trainee (m/f) for preparing and conducting Annual General Meetings
14. February 2022
Jerry Howe works as a software developer for Nimbus AG. He uses what he learned to achieve his CAS in Front-end Engineering to help develop the next release of the NIMBUS Solutions Suite. The new technology is browser-based, focusses on the latest security standards and boasts a new user interface.
Congratulations on a CAS in Front-end Engineering
18. March 2022
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An interview with Nimbus CTO Daniel Stucki

Meet CTO Daniel Stucki, the man behind the new NIMBUS Solutions Suite

CTO Daniel Stucki has been a member of Nimbus’ Senior Management since 2019 and has acquired company shares in 2021. He manages the development team and is the technical lead in charge of the further development of the new NIMBUS Solutions Suite.

Glarus, Rapperswil, Hawaii, Zurich, Glarus: these are the important stations of your life. Can you tell us about your journey, Daniel Stucki?

“I am rooted in the Glarnerland region. This is where I grew up, attended school including the Gymnasium (high school), and realized early on how keen my interest in analytical subjects – such as mathematics and physics – was. I then decided to study computer science at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland) – partly because the campus is beautifully located on the banks of Lake Zurich ;-).

A year of practical training was required before I could start studying. Obtaining an internship with IT pioneer Nimbus felt like winning at the lottery. This is where I learned all about managing share registers and General Assemblies, and I joined the software developer team. I finally chose to study part-time in parallel to my 50% job at Nimbus. In 2013, I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science from the FHO.

I was offered to work full-time at Nimbus now, but I wanted to see the world first. My next station was Hawaii where I perfected my English language skills. Then I moved to Zurich and worked on large projects for telecoms and banking customers with Zühlke Engineering.”

You then returned to the Glarnerland region and were appointed CTO of a company that provides “software made in Switzerland”. How did that come about?

“It is a unique opportunity to work with a Swiss technology provider that has been successful for 30 years and to be in charge of the further development of a ‘bloody’ good share register management and General Meetings software solution. Nimbus has a broad product range on offer that is being used by more than 100 renowned Swiss firms. Our next milestone will be to create a browser-based solution with Single Sign On SSO and to give it a new UI.

One of my main tasks is to translate business requirements and to break them down into reasonable project steps for my developer team. Today we apply agile methods, use cutting-edge tooling technologies and move closer to software standards. Our creed is to keep what has been tried and tested while modernizing the mindset. We standardize processes and procedures in order to secure the know-how within our company on the one hand and to make our ‘software made in Switzerland’ financially viable on the other hand.

Moreover, Nimbus is a SME. I can therefore contribute directly to the company’s decisions and leave some traces in the further development of a future-oriented technology. All these assets have appealed to me and led me to return to the Glarnerland region.”

Would you say that Nimbus invests in “young blood”?

“Absolutely. The company strongly supports its employees’ training and further education. Short decision-making channels and Nimbus’ financial strength enable us to implement good ideas. This provides a very attractive workplace for people who love to tackle the exciting challenges of software engineering.”

You are currently seeking front-end developers?

“We are accelerating our pace to engineer a technological update of our Solutions Suite. This is why we are looking to reinforce our small team of qualified and talented developers. Our people know they are jointly shaping the architecture of a software that is used by large and important Swiss companies. Quite an attractive mission!”

The job offer can be seen here

Thanks a lot, Daniel Stucki, for these personal insights. If I were a front-end developer, I would contact you right away!

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“Nimbus designs software using state-of-the-art technologies and is a top employer for IT specialists.”

Daniel Stucki

CTO, Nimbus AG